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Sheet Metal Manufacturing in Mississauga

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Spiral Master Corp will blow you away with our proficiency in sheet metal fabrication! Our 19 years of experience in the trade allows us to effortlessly execute any project and deliver a high-quality product every time. Call today to discuss your requirements!

The Process of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structures or products by cutting, punching, folding and assembling flat sheets of steel or aluminum.

Once all the different components of the structure have been created, they are assembled and welded into position using the appropriate techniques.

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Sheet Metal Manufacturing Mississauga
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Helping You Choose the Best Sheet Metal

When you’re ready to select your sheet metal for your project, it is important to consider what characteristics are the most important to you. Do you need something rigid or flexible? Does the appearance matter? There are 4 main types of sheet metal, each with their own unique characteristics that may affect your choice.

Another point to consider is the gauge of the selected sheet metal. Gauge is a measure of the sheet’s thickness and can play a big role in how easy it will be to work the metal to the desired results. To find out more, call the experts at Spiral Master Corp today!

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Sheet Metal Manufacturing Toronto

Trust Spiral Master Corp with Your Sheet Metal Endeavours

If you are looking for precisely made, cutting-edge sheet metal products, contact Ontario’s number one manufacturer and distributor today!

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